Esoteric Yoga

Presenting Esoteric Yoga, I have developed a deep appreciation of having a communal space to express ourselves and celebrate the wisdom and evolution on offer.

Some like myself, instantly fall in love with Esoteric Yoga, feeling they have finally ‘come home’. Being given the opportunity to simply be with your body and honour the way it feels and naturally moves is a freedom and joy that many have not experienced since early childhood. For others it is not ‘love at first sight’, but there is something in the honesty of the body and the potential to re-connect with a deeper aspect of yourself in life that brings you back. 

Esoteric Yoga is a modality that restores a natural and harmonious way of living. Each session offers a unique marker or experience of stillness and movement that can guide you to gradually undo the rush, stress and disregard of life that have become the norm for so many of us. The sessions bring awareness to the movements and thoughts that create tension and dis-ease and in contrast what brings ease and connection with the body and being.

There is actually nothing new or unfamiliar about Esoteric Yoga. Gently moving the legs or closing the eyes in a seated position or laying down to be with the rhythm of the body and breathe are completely natural for us. Tension melts away, the breath slows and settles into its natural rhythm and the mind becomes quiet and clear. You are no longer defined or driven by everything you have taken on in life. Instead you are simply left in the space and stillness that is your true nature.